LOONA members file injunctions to cancel contracts with label BlockBerry Creative

Nine members of K-pop girl group LOONA have reportedly filed injunctions to terminate their contracts with label BlockBerry Creative.

JTBC Enternews reported on Monday that most of the members of the 11-person group — HeeJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won and Olivia Hye — are in legal proceedings to terminate their contracts. The news comes just days after BlockBerry Creative announced Chuu’s expulsion from the group over alleged “violent language and misuse of power” to staff.

The report claimed the members have decided that their mutual trust with BlockBerry Creative has collapsed and that any future activities as a group would be difficult.

In the same report from JTBC Enternews, Blockberry Creative denied the purported injunctions were filed. Chuu filed an injunction in December 2021 to terminate her contract.

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Members Vivi and HyunJin are the only two LOONA members who have not taken legal action against their label. ViVi, who is from Hong Kong, is the only international member of the group. Netizens have speculated that she could not take legal action as her visa is likely tied to her work with Blockberry Creative.

Meanwhile, HyunJin has voiced support for Chuu following her removal. She allegedly wrote about Chuu on the artist-to-fan messaging app Fab, saying, “I have a headache. My heart it’s break. I’m angry. I’m really angry.” Additionally, at a recent fan call event, HeeJin and Go Won showed a small sign of support for Chuu when they both made Chuu’s signature “Chuu heart” hand gesture.

Former staff members and other industry professionals who have worked with Chuu have also come to the ousted idol’s defense, including a longtime LOONA choreographer, a former A&R employee, a music journalist, writers on Chuu’s show “Chuu Can Do It” and even veteran idol Sunmi, among many others.

Blockberry Creative issued another statement on Monday following Chuu’s removal, claiming their actions against Chuu were not “with the goal of exposing Chuu’s misuse of power to the public and media.” The statement goes on to say that although they understand why fans and netizens demand evidence of the label’s allegations against Chuu, it is “the rights of Chuu herself and the staff who was harmed to provide the truth or evidence of this.”


Featured Image via LOONA