What Would It Look Like if North America Was Connected by a Subway System?


Wouldn't it be nice if you could get across the country cheaply, or reach an exotic vacation destination by jumping on the subway? Anything to avoid getting body scanned and patted down by TSA, right?

XKCD's Randall Munroe recently created a map that links all of the subway systems in North America. Admittedly, it's not to scale or geographically accurate—but it's cool-to-look-at quotient is off the charts.



If my boss was going to give me the rest of the day off (wink, wink...) and the subway went much faster, I would jump on the subway at Wilshire and Western in Los Angeles, and book it down the purple line (fighting my urge to take it all the way to Chicago for a Cubs game) and quickly connect to the blue line to Philadelphia.

Why Philadelphia, you ask? The green line is the fastest way to Baltimore, where I can connect to the yellow line and make it to Atlanta for tonight's NCAA Tournament championship game between Louisville and Michigan. I'm dying to see if Chris Webber will make the trip and reunite with the Fab 5 in support of the maize and blue.

From there, I'd have to do some more public transportation exploring and venture south of the border on the red line. I've never been to the Dominican Republic, and the chance to take the Puerto Rico submarine-line to New York is too exciting to pass up. 

Where would you go? Share your itinerary in the comments.

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