A look at Chicago's first luxury hotel for rabbits


Location: Chicago, Illinois

What happens to your pet rabbit when you go on holiday?

Hare Bnb, Spa & Boutique has the answer

It provides luxury accommodation for bunnies

[Marcia Coburn, President, Hare BnB]

"So, every rabbit's in a four by four (4 feet by 4 feet) individual pen, or this could hold a bonded pair, too. They have a padded floor, so that's nice. They have a little Persian rug."

The newly-opened hotel already has a growing waiting list

It offers spa packages that come with massages and pampering

All profits will go to the Red Door Animal Shelter

"So, we're helping them out by giving them a nice place to stay, take care of them. But we're also raising money to help the animals who have yet to find their forever homes."