Look Back ... to whose land is it, anyway? 1999

Mar. 14—March 14, 1949, in The Star: Tomorrow is the last day to file income tax returns. [The deadline at one time was indeed in March.] Officials of the Anniston Internal Revenue Office report that crowds this year have not gotten out of hand and have been very orderly and cooperative. Also this date: An audience of several thousand persons jammed Anniston Municipal Airport yesterday afternoon for the performance of the Haskell A. Deaton All-Star Air Circus, sponsored here by the Jaycees. Plenty of thrills were provided by the scheduled acts of the stunt-flying daredevils, in addition to the spectacle furnished by National Guard aviation units who buzzed the field at low levels before the show began. Additionally: An alert citizen in the vicinity of Mayne's Grocery, 2723 Noble Street, heard the sound of glass being smashed at the business shortly after midnight today. Sent to the scene, Anniston police discovered a young man crouched under the meat counter and in possession of several dollars from the cash register and a quantity of packaged razor blades. The suspect, William E. Tant, 21, of Blue Mountain, was ordered held for the grand jury under bond of $1,500.

March 14, 1999, in The Star: In the massive enterprise of converting federal military land at Fort McClellan, to local private property, it turns out the Army and local leaders of the reuse effort each have vastly differing priorities in the closure process. The Army wants to get all the property off its hands and get as much money as possible for it, while local leaders have consistently focused on bringing jobs to the post and generated tax revenue. Federal defense officials say they understand why the community wants land quickly. But, they say, the Joint Powers Authority has frittered away nearly a year without even choosing a director, much less completing a business plan. Considering that delay, they say, it's unfair to attack Army rules that haven't changed.