A look back at Trump’s anti-vacation tweets as he readies for 17-day vacation

President Trump has gained a reputation for changing his stance on policy issues, and it appears his views on vacation time can now be added to that list of flip-flops.

As the president prepares to embark on an extended holiday from the White House, we look back at some of his most vehement anti-vacation tweets.

Trump, who regularly attacked President Obama for taking vacations during his time in office, will leave Washington on Friday for a 17-day trip to his golf resort in New Jersey — a span of time he denounced when his predecessor visited Hawaii for the same two-week-plus length.

The White House will undergo several repairs including several touch-ups to the Oval Office while the president is away for his planned vacation and work is reportedly already underway to replace the decades-old heating and cooling system in the West Wing — part of a multi-stage renovation that began during the Obama administration.

Staffers still on the grounds will migrate to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building as air-conditioning will be unavailable where work is being done, ABC News reported.

Trump has also lashed out at Obama for the cost of his trips to taxpayers, although the total cost of his own trips to his golf clubs are on track to surpass Obama’s in his first year in office.

On the campaign trail, Trump even went as far as to promise that he would never see his golf courses again if he was elected because he would be “work in my a** off” in the White House, but after he took office, he visited his golf properties in Florida for eight consecutive weekends.

In 2012, Trump found it hard to believe that Obama would take time off when there was work left to be done in D.C. Trump himself will depart for New Jersey Friday amid flux and uncertainty over the future of both healthcare and tax reform legislation.

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