Look: Australian woman wins 'World's Ugliest Lawn' competition

Kathleen Murray's yard in Sandford, Australia, was named the World's Ugliest Lawn in a contest organized by a Swedish town. Photo courtesy of the Municipality of Gotland

Jan. 11 (UPI) -- An Australian woman's bandicoot-ravaged yard was dubbed the winner of the first-ever World's Ugliest Lawn competition.

Kathleen Murray of Sandford, Tasmania, was named the winner of the contest, which was organized by the town of Gotland, Sweden.

Gotland started the contest two years ago to encourage locals to conserve water amid a near-disastrous drought in the town, and this year the contest went global, with lawns in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, France and Croatia competing for unaesthetic honors.

Murray's lawn features sparse patches of yellow grass, shriveled plants and dry divots caused by the local bandicoots.

"The bandicoots love digging -- that's how they find their favorite food. Now my back yard looks like a real-life Hungry Hungry Hippo game. I also have an echidna that helps, and some chooks," Murray told The Guardian.

Murray was awarded with a "pre-owned" T-shirt bearing the phrase: "Proud owner of the World's Ugliest Lawn."

"I used to think the bandicoots were wildlife of mass destruction invading my lawn, but now I see that they've actually liberated me from ever having to mow it again," Murray said. "I'm all for guilt-free weekends, especially since my ex-husband left with the lawnmower back in 2016."

Gotland, which nearly ran out of water during the summer three years ago, said the competition and other measures taken by the town have reduced water consumption by 5%.