Longmont man enters not guilty plea in sex assault, set for trial in July

Feb. 6—A man accused of sexually assaulting a woman with a weapon in Longmont pleaded not guilty on Tuesday and was set for a four-day trial in July.

Joseph Donald Brown, 52, pleaded not guilty to sexual assault with a weapon, two counts of third-degree assault — knowingly or recklessly causing injury, felony menacing with a real or simulated weapon, menacing; child abuse — knowingly or recklessly causing no injury, second-degree assault of a peace officer and attempted second-degree assault of a peace officer.

Brown is currently in custody on a bond of $200,000. He is set to next appear in court for a motions hearing on May 1. Brown is set to begin trial on July 22.

According to an affidavit, police were dispatched to the 4000 block of Arezzo Drive near Pike and Airport roads on Aug. 24 after a woman called police and said Brown was threatening to kill her and would not allow two occupants in the residence to leave. Due to the nature of the call, SWAT was called and created a perimeter around the residence before making announcements to Brown.

The two occupants were able to leave when Brown was passed out on the floor. The woman told police that earlier she could smell alcohol on Brown's breath and took his keys so he didn't drive.

A woman also told police that Brown had sexually assaulted her a week prior.

At the time of his arrest, Brown has three warrants out for his arrest due to driving under the influence and was listed as one of Longmont's "most wanted" people.