My Long Shot Choice for Governor of California

Lois Lunsford
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Flag and we the people

In researching my choice for a new Governor in California I have come across an Independent, Chelene Nightingale, I am getting excited to be learning about a person that has solid reform values.

Chelene Nightingale is a Tea Party conservative who believes in upholding the constitution and is willing to fight for unjust spending in Washington. According to the Prolog free press release, Chelene Nightingale won over 58% of the vote and won 54 out of 58 counties four months ago in the AIP Primaries. Her 'We the People' campaign has taken on a life for the voters of California to both examine and consider wisely.

Nightingale's number one priority is Jobs; she is tired of Corporate vs. Government and wants the people to have a voice. She wants to create jobs for the citizens of California by reducing over-regulations for businesses and by cutting Government overspending. I know this is a widespread concern and all the candidates have expressed similar concerns, but I'm tired of the rhetoric and untruthfulness of the present party leaders. I do want change I would feel good about myself and for my state. I want to cast my vote for someone who might try a little harder to be made known for her word, and I think it's worth a try to get some real changes that we desperately need.

In researching the options for gubernatorial race, I turned to my Ca. General Election official Voter Information Guide for our great state of California. I have come to the conclusion that I am disgusted with the two main popular choices from both the Democrats and Republicans and should opt to go Independent. An Independent choice just might be the answer. Even though I am told that my Independent vote will cancel out a half of the vote going to the Republican Party, and that it may go "wasted". Whatever the case, I am not happy or content with my present choices for either popular manipulators, and if I did vote for the Republican party I would feel I was doing an injustice to the process. I have never voted for a long shot, but this might be the right time.

Democratic candidate Jerry Brown is coming to life for me as a man with over powering arrogance and who wants to be heard loud and clear. Our local news media, KCRA-3, has reported that he has made some serious threats upon his opponent, Republican candidate Meg Whitman, and I for one am fed up with the game of name calling. I cannot seem to trust either one of these candidates at this point. Jerry Brown is a career Politician that needs his job. By electing him Governor he will try to get his way even though it's for HIS own good. Jerry Brown does know the ins and outs of how government works, but is that a good thing? We need change, as President Obama claimed from his overpowering campaign that won him a seat in the big house. Meg Whitman on the other hand seems to be buying her way in and wants to knock Jerry Brown down so badly that she too is being aired out to dry in the dirty laundry scheme.

No matter your party affiliation, let's turn our state around! If that means joining the "We the People" campaign, then I for one can do my part in making some good changes and in doing so will help to elect an Independent with promise.