Long-promised GLSDB munitions on their way to Ukraine — report

GLSDB small diameter ground-launched bomb
GLSDB small diameter ground-launched bomb

The Boeing/Saab joint venture is on track to deliver the first batch of Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bombs (GLSDB) to Ukraine soon, Global Defense Corp outlet reported on Oct. 13, citing a company official.

Besides the munitions themselves, the Ukrainian military will also receive launchers for GLSDBs. The manufacturer did not provide any further details.

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On June 23, the Pentagon announced that GLSDBs, which the United States labeled as an "alternative to ATACMS," will not arrive in Ukraine before late 2023.

The GLSDB is a joint development of the U.S. company Boeing and Swedish Saab. These munitions can be launched from HIMARS and M270 rocket artillery systems, which Ukraine already possesses.

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For target acquisition, the GLSDB uses an inertial navigation system and GPS. After launch, the bomb deploys its wings and glides to its intended target.

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