Long Island man pleads guilty to drugged driving crash that killed father, 3 kids

LONG ISLAND - A Long Island man pleaded guilty Wednesday to aggravated vehicular homicide charges after a drugged-driving crash killed a father and his three children last year.

According to authorities, Michael DeAngelo was going 120 mph on Sunrise Highway in Massapequa in August when he crashed into a minivan carrying Patrice Huntley and three members of Huntley's family, including a 6-year-old girl.

Police said that Huntley was taking his family out for ice cream to celebrate the father's new job when the collision happened.

"Everyone’s life has shifted because of this." Tasheba Hamilton 

"I'll never be a grandma to my son's children," Hamilton said.

DeAngelo had two drug-related run-ins with police just days before the crash. Prosecutors say he also had two prior DWI-related offenses, and he was driving more than 100 mph leading up to the crash.

Two other teenagers in the victims' car were injured but survived.

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"He didn't care about the consequences, he didn't care about the lives he could have and did ruin." Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly

"He didn't even hit the brakes until a half second before impact," Donnelly said.

Karl Seman, who is representing DeAngelo, says his client has taken full responsibility and asks for forgiveness.

"He wants the family to know that from day one this was never an intentional act and by his plea he's making that statement to the family," he said.

DeAngelo is due back in court for sentencing on June 28. He faces up to 21 years in jail, but no matter how much time he serves, it will never bring back the lives of those lost too soon.

"I just feel like for him to still have a chance at life is wrong." Tasheba Hamilton 

"He has a chance to go on like nothing happened, and I can't ever see my baby ever again," Hamilton said.