Long Island baker investigated for reselling Dunkin’ doughnuts as own vegan, gluten-free treats

A Long Island baker is accused to taking a few shortcuts to serve up her customers vegan and gluten-free treats.

The Patchogue-based Savory Fig has come under fire after being called out for allegedly attempting to pass off Dunkin’ doughnuts as its own.

New York’s Division of Food Safety and Inspection, along with the Suffolk County Department of Health, are conducting a full investigation into the allegations, the division confirmed to “TODAY” on Friday.

Huntington Village vegan market Cindysnacks was responsible for blowing the whistle on the baking business owned by Michelle Siriani, which they used as a supplier for plant-based and gluten-free baked goods.

John Stengell, co-owner of the market, took to Instagram earlier this week to share a photo of the delivery, which appeared to include at least one doughnut garnished with “D”-shaped sprinkles — closing resembling the Dunkin’s logo.

If that particular doughnut was in fact from Dunkin’, it would mean that not only was the doughnut not homemade as advertised, but also posed a major risk to endangering people with sensitivities or life-threatening allergies to wheat or dairy.

“I immediately became concerned as to why this one donut was decorated differently than all the others and in such a strikingly similar way to a recognizable chain,” Stengel wrote. “I pulled all of the items delivered out of our racks immediately and stored them in the back out of precaution until I could confirm what was or wasn’t happening here.”

Stengell said he raised his concerns “respectfully, hoping a simple explanation with confirming evidence would clear this up.” But once he and his wife, Cindy, were “not given satisfactory answers nor evidence,” they said they “knew deep down how bad this was.”

The Stengells then ordered an at-home gluten test to verify if the sprinkles Siriani claimed she used were actually vegan. Offering a play-by-play in their social media slideshow, the test came back as “high positive” for gluten. After those independent findings, they severed personal and business ties with Siriani.

According to an allergen and ingredient guide on its website, Dunkin’s products contain eggs, milk, soy and enriched wheat products.

“We are mortified that we provided any of her products to our customers and our own family,” Stengell wrote. “Most importantly, we want to apologize from the depths of our soul to anyone who unknowingly consumed these products.”

Amid the controversy, the Savory Fig has suspended its official Instagram account, and has been inundated with hundreds of negative comments on Facebook.