‘Lonesome Ranch’: 190 Off-Grid Acres of Old Gold Mines (and a Brothel)

In Lonesome Al’s neck of the woods, Thanksgiving used to be more ornery than convivial. “Finally, Lonesome and I made a rule: You had to check your guns and knives at the door,” Simon T. told the Wall Street Journal.

Simon T. (that’s his legal name) bought a cabin on 6 acres in the Sequoia National Forest from “Lonesome” Al Harris back in 1980, then kept adding to it. When Lonesome Al died in 1996, Simon T. named his assemblage Lonesome Ranch.

Now engaged to be married and living in Santa Monica, California, retired radio station owner Simon T. is looking to divest himself of all his assets – “my goal is to be flat broke when I die,” he told the Journal – and has listed the compound, with its seven cabins, six abandoned gold mines, graveyard and ramshackle ex-brothel, at $2.5 million.

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