'Locke & Key' comic up for cinema transition

AFP Relax NewsJuly 11, 2014
Joe Hill will be writing the TV adaptation of his "Locke & Key" comic book series.

Universal Pictures is putting "Locke & Key" into production, contracting the writer behind Luke Wilson comedy "Henry Poole Is Here."

The chilling IDW adventure series started in February 2008 and is centered around the ghostly goings on inside a Massachusetts mansion, the Locke family that moves back into it, and the strange keys sought by the house's hidden and vengeful resident.

Now at six volumes, the series is a creation of Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, and one that saw Hill collect the 2011 Eisner Award for Best Writer, among other accolades; illustrator Gabriel Rodriquez was nominated for Best Penciller/Inker the same year.

Acting as producers are Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who have worked together on 15 films, including "Ender's Game," "Star Trek Into Darkness" and two "Transformers" films.

As for their writer, Albert Torres might be a relative unknown, but he has worked on drafts of adaptations for "Akira," "Ben 10" and the Dark Horse Comics/Paramount Pictures project "Hyde," as The Hollywood Reporter has it.

FOX TV had originally optioned the series for adaptation as an original series, and though opting not to record a whole season there was a 2011 pilot filmed, the existence of which held up Universal's theatrical proposition.