Local security expert comments on Apple’s new ‘NameDrop’ feautre

The latest IOS update for Apple devices making some users think about potential security concerns.

So much so, that police departments across the country have issued warnings.

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News Center 7′s Nick Foley has the information you need to know to keep your information safe.

“Any iPhone that can be upgraded to IOS 17 is affected by the upgrade,” Paychex Cloud Developer and Engineer Rufus Mathew said.

Mathew explains Apple’s new NameDrop feature as it lets Apple device users swap personal information with one another by holding two phones, Apple watches, or iPads together.

“This is my iPhone, and this is my dad’s iPhone. When they come close together you see this little pop-up and you see that’s my dad’s name, information, and a whole bunch of details that are now transmitted from his phone to my phone,” Mathew said.

The feature is automatically turned on when the IOS update is complete.

Mathew says to avoid unwanted sharing, Apple users should turn it off.

>> Apple’s ‘NameDrop’ feature sparks security concerns, but are they valid?

To do that, go to your settings, scroll down to the General section, then select AirDrop. When this section opens, de-select the “Bringing Devices Together” button.

“You know you’re going to a networking session, 100 percent have it turned on. you walk in, you’re connecting with people but when you leave, you want to make sure it’s turned off so you’re not unintentionally sharing your location and details with people on a flight or bus,” Mathew said.

The NameDrop feature on IOS 17 requires two Apple devices to physically touch each other to initiate the information transfer.

Whether it’s your phone, or your child’s phone, security experts and police recommend keeping the feature off until you want to use it.