Locals react to Israeli situation

Locals react to Israeli situation By Tina Patel CREATED Nov. 16, 2012 Share Email Print Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas is constantly working to strengthen ties between families here and in Israel. This week, they welcomed a consultant from outside Tel Aviv. Elam Kott says it's hard to see what's happening in Israel, when he just left his family there a few days ago. "As a father, I'm worried about my kids, my wife, my home," he says. "But i think they're safe." Kott is visiting Jewish Federation offices around the country, trying to spread messages of peace and community. So he's frustrated by the situation at home. "If Hamas were fighting the Israeli army, I can understand it. They are fighters, we are army. "  But he says Hamas is aiming missiles at civilian areas.  "When you look at the target, none of them are military target. Tel Aviv is not a base camp." Israel has started amassing troops near the border and firing back into Gaza. Last night, Senator Dean Heller co-sponsored a resolution supporting that action. He released the following statement: "It is my hope that Hamas stops the attacks on Israel and peace can be restored to the southern border of Israel quickly, but until that happens, I fully support Israel's right to defend itself." Kott says he believes his country is trying to stop the violence. "We are not attacking, we are defending," he says. "If the Hamas can understand the message, it can end tomorrow, even tonight." The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas has started a fund to help those affected by the missile attacks in Israel. Go to www.jewishlasvegas.com/israelemergency, or call 702-732-0556 for more information.