Local kindergartener delivers video game system to kids at domestic violence shelter

LAKE COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – Jayden Dunay, 6, was on a mission of mercy and kindness on Monday.

The goal of the kindergartener was to bring a smile to the faces of other children who are facing uncertainty, sadness and hardship.

Jayden, who attends Notre Dame Elementary School in Chardon, delivered a new video game system to Forbes House, a domestic violence shelter for young families in Lake County.

“I had a lot of fun with mine at home so I think they will with this too,” he said.

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When Jayden celebrated his birthday last week, he told his family and friends to skip presents and to donate money instead so he that buy the game system for the kids at the shelter.

“It makes me feel happy for children who don’t even have toys, so I want that to not be, so I’m donating,” he said with a smile.

Jayden’s simple act of good will has touched the hearts of the staff at Forbes House and the families they protect and serve.

“So compassionate, so caring, so empathetic. Just recognizing at such a young age what this means to children who maybe don’t have a safe family environment like he does,” said Kathy Strancar, who is executive director of Forbes House.

Monday’s gift was not the first donation Jayden has made at the shelter, and in fact, he’s been giving his old toys to the children at Forbes since he was two years old.

All around, the shelter playrooms are reminders of how selfless he has been. His parents say his giving spirit was encouraged at a very young age by his great grandmother, Jeannette Crislip, who had been a dedicated supporter of Forbes House and other charities before she passed away in January.

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“We’ve always made giving and donating a family affair,” said his mother, Erica Dunay. “We wanted it to be something that he’s brought up with. My husband and I were brought up that way, you know, if we have enough, you have enough to share.”

Jayden’s big-hearted generosity is sending a quiet message to the families at Forbes House and to others who have the ability to lend a helping hand.

“It doesn’t matter how little or how old you are, that you can just turn around and make a difference for somebody else that might need it,” said Kathy Strancar.

If you would like to learn more about the shelter and how you can support their mission, go to forbeshouse.org

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