Local city to consider temporary block on recreational marijuana businesses

A local city could impose a freeze on recreational marijuana businesses after Ohio voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana.

Kettering City Council will address a proposed nine-month moratorium at its next meeting, which is set for Nov. 28, Assistant City Manager Steve Bergstresser confirmed to News Center 7.

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Ohioans passed Issue 2 in the Nov. 7 election and it takes effect Dec. 7.

The potential pause would take about the same amount of time the Ohio Department of Commerce will take to create new regulations.

“We want to make sure that we understand those regulations and how they may affect business operations in Kettering before we make any kind of decisions,” Bergstresser told News Center 7′s Malik Patterson.

This is familiar to Kettering because the city still has a pause on medical marijuana.

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Some residents said they could live perfectly fine without any weed being sold in the city.

“I see it being bad. Like a mind-altering substance can trigger some people to go back to their drug of choice,” Andrew Atwell, a certified recovery supporter, said.