Loaded tater tots, rap music and cats. Here are Cincinnati's top Google searches for 2022

Cincinnati's top Google search for an animal this year was a Pallas's Cat.
Cincinnati's top Google search for an animal this year was a Pallas's Cat.

Roll over Doris Day, and tell Rosemary Clooney the news.

Google's Local Year in Search 2022 results are in and they show people in the Cincinnati area searched for rap more than any other genre of music this year.

Of the 24 places in the United States that had gas prices as the top-trending “near me” search, Cincinnati looked for it the most.

Cincinnati also was at the top of the list of the eight places in the country that had yard sales as a top-trending “near me” search.

Other popular searches were more surprising.

Cincinnati’s top-trending animal this year was not a hippo like Fiona, a gorilla like Harambe or even a Bengal tiger like Who Dey.

It was a Pallas’ Cat, which the International Society for Endangered Cats says is a well-furred cat from the cold Asian steppes that is sometimes called a Rock Wildcat.

Equally, well, interesting, Cincinnati was the only place in the United States where “loaded tater tots” was its top-trending recipe.

Was that the sound of gasps coming from the Orchids at Palm Court?

Cincinnati also is apparently a city that gives health a slight edge over an enjoyable vice.

In the top 10 trending places “near me” searches, places offering Pilates came in seventh and places selling cigars came in eighth.

The top 10 “near me” searches also produced some sobering results. Fourth on the list was food pantries.

Here's a rundown of all the top 'near me' searches:

No. 1 - Gas prices

No. 2 - Power outages

No. 3 - Rest stops

No. 4 - Food pantries

No. 5 - Concerts

No. 6 - Yard sales

No. 7 - Pilates

No. 8 - Cigars

No. 9 - Playgrounds

No. 10 - Events

This article originally appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: Loaded tots and Pallas's cats among Cincinnati's top Google searches