‘I’ll go to jail. Let’s do it’: Law enforcement releases details about musician Zach Bryan’s Oklahoma arrest

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CRAIG COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) — Oklahoma native country music singer Zach Bryan ran into problems with Oklahoma law enforcement this week, not once, but twice. Oklahoma fans said, this won’t stop them from loving the country singer.

Bryan’s second encounter with an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper led to his arrest in Craig County on Thursday night.

A newly released affidavit reveals more information on what led up to the incident.

The singer took to social media roughly an hour after bonding out of jail. He apologized and owned up to his actions.

Bryan has now apologized several times since the arrest on X and released a nearly five minute social media video explaining what happened.  

This new one comes in just before 3:00 p.m. CST on Friday.

“To be clear in the video I posted, I’m not trying to save face or act like the good guy, I was a complete spoiled a****** to these police officers and I’ll spend the next few weeks trying my best to right my wrongs and take back what I said. I do respect police officers and I made a massive mistake. I am embarrassed for myself, my family and the people I love but all I can do now in sincerely apologize,” said Zach Bryan. 

Bryan admitted he was out of line with troopers, he respects police officers and he made a massive mistake.

Oklahoma fans KFOR spoke with said his actions are out of character.

“I was a little bit surprised… I thought that was really cool of him to admit he was wrong,” said Kylee Goodwin, Zach Bryan fan.

“I think he needed to make a statement… He could have went about it a better way,” said Gage Vanrosendale, Zach Bryan fan.

Country music star Zach Bryan arrested in Oklahoma

Oklahoma fans reacted to Oklahoma Country music star Zach Bryan’s arrest from Thursday night.

Bryan said he was headed to Boston when his security guard, who was driving in a different car, was pulled over in Craig County by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper.

According to the affidavit, during the traffic stop, Bryan pulled up along the passenger side of his security guard’s SUV.

“I’ll go to jail, let’s do it.”

Zach Bryan quoted in law enforcement affidavit

Due to the nervous behavior of his security guard, the trooper said he “was already at a heightened sense of a potential threat to his safety.”

Bryan eventually got out of his car to ask the trooper what was taking so long.

The trooper told Bryan twice to get back into his truck and he didn’t comply. That’s when the trooper said Bryan was interfering with his police duties, and if he did not comply, he would go to jail.

Bryan responded quote, “I’ll go to jail, let’s do it.”

“He could have went about it a better way,” said Vanrosendale.

After that comment was made, the trooper attempted to complete the initial citation for the traffic stop, but Bryan began to argue.

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The affidavit says, “By this time, Bryan was clearly aggravated and argumentative.” He told the trooper to let him out of the handcuffs, while also stating “If you don’t, it is going to be a mistake sir. I promise.”

The Craig County Assistant District Attorney gave the trooper confirmation that an arrest was appropriate.

Zach Bryan was booked into the Craig County Jail for allegedly obstructing an investigation.

Zach Bryan mugshot on KFOR background
Zach Bryan mugshot on KFOR background

He quickly bonded out.

According to the affidavit, Bryan told his dad on the phone about open containers of beer inside the truck.

The arrest report does not include any charges related to open container violations.

Bryan’s Oklahoma fans seem ready to forgive him for his bad behavior.

“People make mistakes, it happens and we’ll move on from it,” said Goodwin.

During Bryan’s arrest, he told the trooper he would call the Mayor.

Bryan also put his dad on speaker phone and told the trooper “he would be calling the governor.”

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KFOR reached out to Governor Stitt’s office to ask if Bryan’s dad made contact to get involved in the arrest, but we haven’t heard back yet.

A spokesperson for the Craig County District Attorney told KFOR they are reviewing everything and putting together a litigation file.

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