LIVE: Woman Trapped Between Buildings

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Woman Stuck Between Buildings Freed
Woman Stuck Between Buildings Freed (ABC News)

Oregon firefighters are working to rescue a woman who is trapped between a very narrow space created by the outside walls of two buildings.

The unidentified woman fell between the parking garage of the Gretchen Kafoury Commons apartment building and the Joyce Furman building in Portland around 3:45 a.m. PST, firefighters told ABC News' Portland affiliate KATU.

"She is very, very uncomfortable, scared, agitated," Portland Fire Bureau spokesman Lt. Damon Simmons told KATU on the scene. "It's just really scary and uncomfortable, as you can imagine."

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The woman is stuck in a space that is roughly one-foot wide. A team of firefighters is working to cut out portions of the concrete walls to free the woman.

The initial plan was a cut a doorway into the wall near her, Simmons said, but an excess of dust made it hard for her to breathe so rescuers had to reassess the plan.

Firefighters cut windows in the concrete on either side of the woman in order to blow heat since she is cold and give her blankets. They have also passed her cups of water through the hole. She is conscious and firefighters are talking to her to "keep her spirits up." They also brought her husband to talk her through the process.

The plan is to extend at least one of those windows into a door.

"The hope is that they'll create that door and they'll be able to slide her out of that," Simmons said.

Rescuers do not currently know the extent of her injuries.

"These situations are so fluid so it's hard to say exactly how long we'll take," he said. "Our main concern is getting her out and then we'll worry about how she got in there."

Dispatchers told KATU that someone called 911 at around 3:45 a.m. to report that a woman had fallen between the buildings. She was walking on the roof of the two-story building when she fell, according to KATU. The other building is 8 stories tall.

Neighbors told KATU they could hear the woman screaming for help.