Drew Dennert, Mike Wiese, Mike Gage advance in Brown County Commission Republican primary

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Drew Dennert, Mike Wiese and Mike Gage were winners in a four-way Republican primary for Brown County Commission.

The three men now advance to the November general election and will be on the ballot with Chad Fischbach, D-Warner. The top three vote getters will earn four-year terms on the commission.

Dennert previously served in the state House for six years. If elected to the county commission, he said he is interested in doing "everything we can to make sure that our property taxes are as low as they possibly can be.

"I'd like to thank the voters for putting the faith in me to send me to the general election. Just looking forward to getting to work on the commission if we have some successful results in November because, at the end of the day, we're not running just to win an election, we're running to accomplish something for the county, and that's really where I'm at," Dennert said.

Drew Dennert
Drew Dennert

Wiese has been on county commission for 24 of the last 28 years. He said he'll be focused on building regional jail built without raising taxes. He also said he's interested in bringing fairness to tax structure and caring for county roads as well as possible with the county's limited resources.

"(I) just appreciate people's confidence, and I'm gonna keep working hard," he said.

Mike Wiese
Mike Wiese

Gage said he will also hopes to focus on taxes, roads and the regional jail project. He has been on the commission since December when he was appointed after Commissioner Rachel Kippley resigned when she was hired as manager of the Brown County Fair.

"You don't know what to expect going into the first primary election for the first time. To be honest, I'm just kind of humbled by the votes. The people of Brown County put their faith in me to kind of move the county forward, and I appreciate that," Gage said. "I guess basically we're gonna look forward to doing it all again this fall."

Mike Gage
Mike Gage

*Drew Dennert: 3,118 (33%)

*Mike Wiese: 2,600 (28%)

*Mike Gage: 2,225 (24%)

Mike Russell: 1,500 (16%)

Results from races in other counties across the region follow.

Day County

District 5 commission Republican primary

*Derek L. Sinner, R-Webster: 86 (59%)

Joshua Atherton, R-Webster: 59 (41%)

Sinner will face Dari Schlotte, D-Webster, in November.

Edmunds County

Sheriff Republican primary

*Jonathan Waldner, Ipswich: 592 (75%)

Bruce Sahli, Roscoe: 193 (25%)

Waldner will be unopposed in November.

Potter County

Sheriff Republican primary

*Curtis Hamburger, Gettysburg: 743 (91%)

Shiann M. Haupert, Gettysburg: 40 (5%)

David L. Mogard, Gettysburg: 25 (3%)

Mattthew L. Risetter, Redfield: 5 (1%)

Hamburger will face Joshua Zweber, I-Gettysburg, in November.

Roberts County

District 5 commission Republican primary

Tom Vergeldt, Rosholt: 110 (51%)

Jeffry Long, R-Sisseton: 107 (49%)

A recount is possible in this race. The winner is unopposed in November.

Spink County

Sheriff Republican primary

*Frank Krumm, Redfield: 831 (67%)

Isaac Appel, Redfield: 405 (33%)

Krumm will be unopposed in November.

District 3 commission Republican primary

*Michael Siebrecht, Redfield: 206 (74%)

Heath Shottenkirk, Redfield: 72 (26%)

Michael Siebrecht will face independent Kevin Siebrecht in November.

Walworth County

Register of deeds Republican primary

*Brenda DeToy, Glenham: 848 (79%)

Eva Cagnones, Selby: 230 (21%)

DeToy will be unopposed in November.

District 3 commission Republican primary

*Scott Schilling, Selby: 196 (51%)

Robert Thomason, Selby: 192 (49%)

Schilling will be unopposed in November.

Milbank City Council

Ward 2

*Craig Weinberg: 142 (59%)

Scott Hoeke: 99 (41%)

Editor's note: Details about the Spink County District 3 commission general election race have been corrected in this report.

This article originally appeared on Aberdeen News: Aberdeen county election results for June 2022 primary