Live NFL Draft updates: Las Vegas Raiders select DE Tyree Wilson; QB next in 2nd round?

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The 2023 NFL Draft is finally here.

Las Vegas Raiders general manager Dave Ziegler will make 12 selections, including the tentative seventh overall pick.

And that first round pick went to defensive end Tyree Wilson of Texas Tech with the seventh overall pick of the draft.

“I’m excited to be able to join the team and learn from guys like (Chandler Jones) and Maxx (Crosby) to help me take my game to another level and help the team get to a Super Bowl.”

He is listed at 6-foot-6 and 271 pounds.

Wilson had seven sacks in 2021 and 2022.

His season was cut short in 2022 because of a right foot fracture in November.

The Raiders had to go defense with their first pick in the NFL draft because they have needs all over on that side of the ball, but the thought would be a defensive tackle (Jalen Carter) or a cornerback (Christian Gonzalez).

Neither happened and it was Wilson who will be paired up with Crosby and Jones.

Ziegler was thrilled to see Wilson available at the seventh spot.

“We’re excited that he was there,” he said. “Going into it, weren’t sure whether he was going to be there or not. We had our group of players that we liked in that area, but I think the magic number for us as we went in were how many quarterbacks were going to be taken and who that was going to push down the board. And so, very excited when we saw that he was still there and excited to have him.”

Follow along as The Bee tracks the Raiders’ picks from Thursday to Saturday.

Who could be available in second round?

The Raiders will have the seventh pick (No. 38) in the second round.

According to ESPN’s best available players, they listed QB Will Levis, TE Michael Mayer, CB Joey Porter Jr., safety Brian Branch, TE Luke Musgrave, QB Hendon Hooker, guard Steven Avila and defensive tackle Keeanu Benton.

If the Raiders stay put, they have a chance to get the best available player.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will have the first pick and have no need for a quarterback since they have Kenny Pickett for the future.

Next up is the Arizona Cardinals. They have Kyler Murray. Detroit follows and could take either Levis or Hooker. Next teams that could take a QB after the Lions’ pick are the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks. The Indianapolis Colts have the 35th overall pick before the Rams and Seahawks and they will likely pass on a quarterback since they took Anthony Richardson.

Then the Raiders will have the next pick at No. 38.

If Levis or Hooker are available, then they could with any of those quarterbacks.

If Porter is available then that’s also another route to go.

Big decisions await the Raiders on Friday.

Upcoming selections

The Raiders will pick in the second round (38th overall).

Other picks include:

Round 3 (70)

Round 3 (100)

Round 4 (109)

Round 5 (141)

Round 5 (144)

Round 5 (174)

Round 6 (204)

Round 6 (214)

Round 7 (220)

Round 7 (231)

The Bee’s mock draft

Stroud and Witherspoon were gone by the time the Raiders picked with the seventh pick in The Bee’s mock draft that was conducted through Pro Football Focus.

Who was available? It was Carter. It was either Carter or Gonzalez and The Bee went with Carter who will give the Raiders an immediate lift inside the trenches with a big upgrade.

There was no hesitation on the pick.

PFF graded that selection as an A+.

Here’s how The Bee fared in other picks.

R2 (46) C John Michael Schmitz (B+)

Trade the 38th pick to NE for 46 (B+)

R3 (70) CB Darius Rush (A-)

R3 (100) DE Nick Herbig (A)

R4 (107) TE Luke Schoonmaker (A-)

R4 (109) LB Dorian Williams (C+)

R5 (141) T Nick Saldiveri (A+)

R5 (144) S Ronnie Hickman (B+)

R5 (174) QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson (A)

R6 (204) S Quindell Johnson (A)

R6 (214) DL Jonah Tavai (A)

R7 (231) WR Granut Dubose (A)

(Trade the 220th overall pick to Atl for 2024 R7 and 2024 R7)

PFF graded The Bee’s draft an A.

Realistically, it’s hard to imagine Carter will be available by the time Raiders pick since the Seattle Seahawks have a big need at that position. The Bee thinks it’s either Witherspoon or Gonzalez.

This story will be updated.