Live From the Apple iPad Event [LIVE BLOG]

Lance Ulanoff
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Apple Image

Apple is set to reveal its new iPad -- and maybe more. The end of all those rumors and guess work is a good thing. Even better: Team Mashable is at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, reporting live from the Apple product announcement.

Starting just before 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, Deputy Editor Chris Taylor and I will be squeezed next to each other, and dozens of other journalists, in the Yerba Buena auditorium as Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage. Cook will present what we expect to be the iPad HD. Big questions remain: Just how powerful and light will the new iPad be? Will it have a smaller, 7- or 8-inch sibling? What about Apple TV? Is it getting an upgrade, or is it Apple iTV -- a full-size HDTV?

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We may get a glimpse of iOS 6, a major mobile update that Apple should officially unveil this summer at its developer conference. We also expect some cool new app partners, there to show off the iPad's latest features. And there are bound to be one or two surprises. Could Apple unveil an iPod update? Anything is possible.

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We'll be watching Cook closely to see if he follows the legendary Steve Jobs product unveiling playbook, or mixes things up. This is, after all, the first major product launch since the Apple founder's passing. Cook may want to set the tone for all future events, or he may reassure Apple fans and shareholders by staying the course. Apple is of course wildly successful -- and may not need a change in strategy or approach.

Whatever happens, Chris and I will be there blogging and photographing everything we see and hear. Follow along in the live blog below.

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