A little town is being ruled by hundreds of crazy goats


To some people it is what dreams are made of: an entire town overtaken by glorious goats.

In reality, it is a nightmare. There is a town in Western Australia that is currently being ruled by a crazy herd of about 250 wild goats. They are running amok, jumping on cars and causing traffic chaos in the town of Kambalda.

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They are not cute, they are not bouncy, they are not playful. They are the devil. 

Coolgardie Shire President Malcolm Cullen explained the dire situation on ABC radio on Friday

"It is causing a bit of grief to some of the residents, [the goats are] trimming and destroying some of their plants in their gardens," he said. "We also have some photos of goats on someone's car doing some damage." It's what memes are made of. 

Cullen said it is super unusual for them to venture into town, but they may be in the search of food as the dry season takes hold or they might be escaping the very real threat of wild dogs. Whatever the reason, they have come en masse and become real comfortable, real fast. 

To deal with the issue, the council has discussed a method of trapping the goats and then transporting them out of town. Though, it may take months for this plan to work. Culling by other methods is difficult due to current legislation. 

The reaction from locals has been mixed with some people saying the goats bring extra joy to their lives and their children's lives. Others think they should all be shot and have complained of significant damage to property. 

The best reaction comes courtesy of the Kambalda Animal Rescue, which is just sharing adorbs videos of goats. Why wouldn't you want hundreds of these little legends becoming your new rulers? *Packs bags, moves to Kambalda*

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