‘Lion King,’ ‘Aladdin’ Casts Take Over Airport, Charm Delayed Families


‘Lion King,’ ‘Aladdin’ Casts Take Over Airport, Charm Delayed Families

A 6-hour flight delay isn’t usually this fun. But when Disney’s two Broadway casts from The Lion King and Aladdin were stuck in LaGuardia Airport, an epic sing-off entertained delayed families and travelers.

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Severe weather in New York City on Sunday delayed the two casts, who were traveling to Orlando for a performance.

This isn’t the first time The Lion King cast has put on an impromptu performance. Last year, they performed on an Australian flight from Brisbane to Sydney.

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The Lion King cast began with Elton John’s hit, “Circle of Life.” The Aladdin cast, led by Tony winner James Monroe Iglehart, who plays the genie, returned the challenge with a freestyle rap and a performance of “Arabian Nights.”  

Who won? Everyone who got to witness these two casts battle with their voices.

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The original video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, has gotten more than 1,190,000 views as of Friday morning. The Lion King’s YouTube account also reposted the video on Thursday, which has more than 80,000 views. 

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