Lindsay Lohan's Comeback Isn't Good Enough for SXSW

Esther Zuckerman
The Atlantic Wire

In yet more bad news for Lindsay Lohan, her film The Canyons, which co-stars porn star James Deen, has reportedly been rejected from SXSW. An "insider" tells the Hollywood Reporter that the film has "quality issues" and an "ugliness and a deadness to it." Which, wow, harsh.

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The one hope for Lohan in this whole saga was that there were notable, albeit not-in-their-prime creative types behind the camera. Director Paul Schrader wrote Taxi Driver and writer Bret Easton Ellis is, well, Bret Easton Ellis, Twitter account and all.

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Based on this month's fascinating New York Times Magazine piece from the set, The Canyons sounded like a behind-the-scenes disaster. That said, author Stephen Rodrick explains that Schrader still had hope for the film, thinking it would get into Sundance — it didn't. Ellis, though, hated it, saying: "The film is so languorous. It’s an hour 30, and it seems like it’s three hours long. I saw this as a pranky noirish thriller, but Schrader turned it into, well, a Schrader film." Lohan, too, was not pleased, pretty much hating the movie at a private screening: "He showed the film to Lindsay and her mother, Dina, in October at his New York City apartment. They were both so furious about how the camera lingered on Deen that Schrader had to move Dina to another room to get through the screening." So she'll have to come up with some new excuses once The Canyons inevitably flops.

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Here's a clip from the film, which does not yet have a release date: 

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