Lindsay Lohan never went to rehab, may go to jail

Surprise, surprise: Lindsay Lohan never went to court-ordered rehab on May 2 like she was supposed to, and now she may face jail time. Again. Here’s what went down:

The erstwhile actress was required to check into a court-approved, private rehabilitation facility in the Hamptons on Thursday, but decided last minute to forgo that treatment center because they would not allow her to smoke cigarettes.

Lohan took a last-minute flight to California to attend Morningside in Newport Beach at the recommendation of her lawyer, Mark Heller. As this was going down, Heller was meeting with a Los Angeles judge to convince her that Morningside was a legitimate facility and that his client was “ensconced in the bosom of that facility right now” and that she was safe and sound there.

HOWEVER! TMZ reports that — and you’ll be shocked to hear this — Lohan never actually checked into Morningside. She simply pulled up in an SUV, but never actually got out. The car pulled up to the facility, but then left the premises almost immediately.

There will reportedly be an arrest warrant out for Lohan if she is not at Morningside by early Friday morning.

In the meantime, Lohan has commissioned her former lawyer Shawn Holley to broker a deal with the Los Angeles district attorney to get her out of Morningside, because it is unacceptable for some reason, and back to Betty Ford — the same rehab center where she allegedly assaulted an employee back in 2010.

According to Radar, Holley successfully got permission for Lohan to attend Betty Ford and so that is where she will be for the next 90 days. That is, if she doesn’t hit someone or try to escape.

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Lindsay Lohan never went to rehab, may go to jail

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