Lindsay Lohan & Kim's Kardashian's Correspondents' Dinner Tablemate Felt 'Lucky' To Sit With Stars

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Lohan, Lindsay, John P. Coale and Kim Kardashian at at The White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 28, 2012 --

Lindsay Lohan and Kim's Kardashian made a splash at The White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday and one lucky guy -- Greta Van Susteren's husband John P. Coale - was seated at the stars' table in the middle of Kim and Lindsay.

"I guess I was just lucky," John, an attorney and lobbyist told Billy Bush on "The Billy Bush Show," when asked about his prime location.

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As for topics he covered with Lindsay, John joked that they chatted about "missile defense systems."

"She's really fascinating when you talk about movies and the history of movies, that's her game," he said of Lindsay.

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According to John, both stars remained on their best behavior at the event.

"I don't think anybody was drinking at the table," he told Billy, saying he believes Lindsay stepped out for two smoke breaks.

John said he also chatted with Kim about rapper boyfriend Kanye West.

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"She said he's real nice and a lot of the stuff that's written about him is not true," he explained.

He also noted that some of Kim and Lindsay's Hollywood heavyweights also stopped by to say hello.

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"[Steven] Spielberg came by. George Clooney came by [to see] both [of them]," he added.

Billy joked with John about possibly taking a peek at Kim's infamous backside, but he was quick to say, "Absolutely not."

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