Lindsay Lohan Hates Her Richard Burtons

Ray Gustini
The Atlantic Wire
Lindsay Lohan Hates Her Richard Burtons

Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Lindsay Lohan doesn't like the Richard Burton pickings, Brangelina has yet to set a date, and Jason Sudeikis is apparently unsure of his late night future. 

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Guys, guys, guys: it seems Lindsay Lohan is not at all happy with the final three choices to play Richard Burton in that Liz Taylor Lifetime telepic. Apparently, she recently watched tape of the final three: Some young fellow Sean Maguire, Matthew Settle from Gossip Girl, and "CSI hunk" Craig Robert Young. Lohan is reportedly "extremely unhappy" with the pickings and wants to go to London to find her Sir Richard, a journey that can only end well.  [Radar]

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Well this is a disappointment: Brad Pitt says he and Angelina Jolie "really, truly" have not set a date for their upcoming nuptials, which are bound to be fancy and leggy. But surely the media will be the first to know. [Us Weekly]

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SNL INTRIGUE: it seems Jason Sudeikis is conflicted as to whether he should follow pals Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg out the door. A source overheard him saying as much "an extremely late after-after-party for SNL in the Ace Hotel" on Sunday. According to eavesdropper/source, Sudeikis said he "wasn’t sure about staying or leaving.” [Gatecrasher]

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Priscilla Chan's wedding dress: only cost $4,600. Not bad, as fancy wedding dresses go. [Page Six]

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"Word out of Sau Paolo" is that Gisele Bundchen is pregnant and telling everyone about it. This would be her second child with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. [Inside Track]

Good for Gucci! The luxury brand has been awarded a $4.66 million payout against Guess for trying to "Gucci-ize" their sandals. Monsters. [WWD]