Lin Wood claims 'no plane fragments found' at 9/11 target sites

Lin Wood, one of the lawyers who filed several lawsuits alleging massive election fraud following the 2020 election, claimed Friday there were "no plane fragments found" at the target sites of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

"Let's talk about CGI — computer graphics generated images. You know what CGI is? You know what deep fake videos are? I know you know what Photoshopping is," Wood told a crowd gathered in Glynn County, Georgia, on Friday.

Wood shared the clip of his remarks to his Telegram channel from the event in Georgia, where he also called former President George W. Bush "a criminal," adding he should "go to jail."

"Many people in the country want to hear it. We ALL need to hear it and face it. We must face the TRUTH, the good, the bad, and the ugly," Wood wrote in the Telegram post. "The TRUTH about 9/11 is ugly."


Wood went on to discuss the World Trade Center towers that were struck by planes, saying, "What appeared to be a plane hit one building, what appeared to be a plane hit another building, then later that night another building fell down. It wasn't hit by a dadgum thing."

Wood also claimed that the fall of the WTC 7 building, which came hours after the fall of the towers due to flames inside the tower, was where "the papers were about the missing money," the attorney added, referring to alleged "stolen" and "missing" money from the U.S. Defense budget.

Wood alleged the Pentagon "got hit by a missile" and said, "There were no plane fragments found at any of the sites — New York, Pennsylvania, the Pentagon." Wood suggests that the footage from the incident is fabricated, despite evidence of plane wreckage from the WTC attacks existing in the New York State Museum and evidence of wreckage from the Flight 93 crash in Pennsylvania.

Wood, the attorney known for successfully aiding Richard Jewell after Jewell was named a prime suspect in the aftermath of the 1996 Atlanta bombing, was recently penalized alongside eight other lawyers for backing a Michigan lawsuit last fall in support of former President Donald Trump's election fraud claims.

U.S. District Judge Linda Parker said the lawsuit last fall was a sham intended to deceive the court and the public just a few days after Biden's 154,000-vote victory in the state was certified.


When contacted by the Washington Examiner for comment, Wood said that his statements were solely his "opinions" and refused to answer any questions regarding evidence for his claims.

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