Lima celebrates another year as Tree City

Mar. 27—LIMA — Lima public works deputy director Ric Stolly celebrated the city's 36th year as a Tree City at Wednesday's Mayoral Press Briefing.

Stolly said it is important to understand the responsibility the city has to value its trees and educate the community on their importance.

"Having a canopy for your community is very inviting," he said. "And that's what we want Lima to be: an inviting community for folks to come in and enjoy the opportunities that are here in wildlife."

To become a Tree City, a community must meet four requirements, per maintain a tree board or department; have a community tree ordinance; spend at least $2 per capita on urban forestry and celebrate Arbor Day.

In a release, the city said it will celebrate Arbor Day with a tree planting ceremony during the last week of April at a location yet to be revealed.

"It's about the right tree in the right space," Stolly said. "The more people understand, the better off the community is going to be as far as pruning and taking care of the trees that are entrusted to us."

City forester Brett Caven said it meant a lot to be on hand as the city got recognized for the accomplishment.

"A lot of work does go into it," he said. "We've been able to maintain our trees and it's nice to see our work rewarded. We remove some trees in the city, but we also have to replant a lot of trees at the same time."

Stolly said other communities can get involved in the process easily.

"I would encourage them to get involved with the process," he said. "Someone did here in Lima 36 years ago and we continue that tradition because it again brings the visitors here."

The city offers a Tree Rebate Program, promising a 50 percent rebate to eligible participants who plant trees on their property.

For more information on the program, visit the city's public works department page.

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