Lim Soo Jung & director Kim Ji Woon reminisce 'A Tale Of Two Sisters'

Lim Soo Jung & director Kim Ji Woon reminisce 'A Tale Of Two Sisters'

Director Kim Ji Woon told that Lim Soo Jung makes frequent NGs.

On August 24th, 'A Tale Of Two Sisters 10th Anniversary Event' was held at Cinema Tech KOFA located in Sangam-dong, Seoul.

During the event, actress Lim Soo Jung said, "There was one scene that I made endless NGs. Director Kim Ji Woon got furious, and he quit the shooting. I started losing myself as more and more NGs happened, and I was so scared of director Kim."

Director Kim Ji Woon said, "I thought she was an idiot because she made so many NGs. She could not memorize one line. I just turned back and walked away back then. I do that only when I am really angry."

He went on, "Lim Soo Jung made it after two takes the next day. She prepared herself perfectly. We had over thirty shots the day before, but she became a totally different person the next day. I saw how an actor grows through her, and I also felt myself grown up a bit more."

'A Tale of Two Sisters' is a horror movie which was released back in June, 2003, and it was attended by 3,146,217 people, which is an exceptionally high number for a horror movie.

Especially, Lim Soo Jung received a great number of awards at different film festivals, and got herself widely recognized for the firs time.

Meanwhile, Moon Geun Young, Yeom Jung Ah, and Kim Gap Soo also casted in 'A Tale Of Two Sisters'.

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