Light Fight: Attorney Sues Neighbor Over Home Christmas Display

The holidays just wouldn't be the same without over-the-top light displays, but where there's an elaborate display, a Grinch may be lurking.

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In Manhattan, a plastic reindeer has been singing “Jingle Bells” non-stop all day long, driving neighbors nuts.

Attorney Nick Wilder is so fed up with the "noise pollution" that he actually sued the homeowner to make it stop and it worked.

“If she wants to play that in her house, she can do it all night long but no-one else want to hear it," Wilder told Inside Edition. "Think about it, do you want to hear 16 hours of 'Jingle Bells' in a row? No!"

One explosion of holiday spirit in Kingman, Arizona, is best appreciated when viewed from above thanks to the magnificent lighting display that contains 135,000 lights controlled by 50 computers. However, neighbors have asked that the festive display be toned down.

The Shaw family In Cranberry, New Jersey, have one of the biggest displays in the country. But they've had to cut back after some of the neighbors complained.

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“We've come to a good agreement with our neighbors,” one of the family members told Inside Edition. “We've shortened the display times and we keep the noise down.”

A Minnesota man had to pull the plug on an elaborate display after a neighbor took him to court. Now his lights are piled up in his garage.

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