Watch as Adorable Ducks ‘Run’ to Play in the Pond After Snow Melts

If you're waiting for the snow and cold to go away and look forward to warm, sunny spring and summer days, this video will make you smile! Mommy Farmer shared a video at the beginning of February showing her ducks and geese's reaction to seeing the pond after the snow melted away, and it's beyond cute!

The snow keeps the ducks and geese from being able to enjoy their pond, something they all clearly enjoy doing. Mom opens the gate and lets them out, and they waddle their way on down to the pond. And they waddle pretty quickly! Make sure your sound is on so you can hear their excitement!

This video totally brightened up my day! The ducks were all so excited and their waddles were the cutest thing I've seen in a while. The splashing around in the pond was pretty adorable too! @Mommy Farmer fans left lots of comments about the adorable video. Commenter @Lindsay Lou Who made me laugh when she said, "I don’t think I’ve ever seen ducks waddle so fast!!" @Julie Barb laughed, "I wish my waddles were that cute!" I also laughed at @Caroline Peters who pointed out, "Just never realized how hard it must be to waddle!"

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Darling Duck Facts

I realized that I really don't know much about ducks, other than that they are adorable. So I thought I would do a bit of research and see what I could learn about them. Did you know that ducklings start communicating with each other when they're still in the eggs, and work to all hatch at the same time? I didn't know that but thought it was really interesting.

Ducks can sleep with one eye opened, just like dolphins can. This helps them keep an eye out for predators. Ducks also have extremely good vision and can see farther than humans can. Interestingly, their eyes can also move independently of each other - they can literally see two different things at once.

Wondering why those ducks would all be so excited to dive into that icy, cold pond? Ducks don't mind the cold, ice, or snow at all because they have no nerves or blood vessels in their feet and that helps them to prevent heat loss. They literally do not feel the cold!

Did you know that ducks' quacks echo? The sound they make fades in and out, so it's hard to tell the first quack from the echos. Pretty cool fact, and one that I really need to pay attention to the next time I'm around ducks. I had no idea that ducks were so fascinating!

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