This Trailer For a 'Comedy' Film About Trans Athletes Is the Worst Thing We've Ever Seen

'Lady Ballers'
'Lady Ballers'

It’s a well-known fact that Right Wingers cannot make good art and don’t have a sense of humor, and The Daily Wire is reminding us all of that with the new preview for its first feature-length “comedy” film Lady Ballers.

“In a world where women’s sports is being trans-formed. The Daily Wire calls ‘foul’ with the most triggering comedy of the year,” the trailer for Lady Ballers starts. “If you can beat them, join them.”

The premise of Lady Ballers seems to be that any out-of-shape 50-year-old white man is, by nature of being a man, a better athlete than any woman could ever hope to be. You see, women are just factually bad at sports, this movie states.

It follows a high school basketball coach who gets his old team of guys who peaked in high school together to dominate a women’s basketball league and other women’s sports.

It takes the false idea that anywhere at any time a cis man can claim he is a woman and enter any women’s sporting event. But the fun doesn’t stop there. It goes even further, saying that when cis men do that, they become unstoppable forces on the field.

It almost seems like the people who made the movie understand that if their premise was real, there would be real-life examples of groups of men like this taking over women’s sports. There aren’t.

There are many barriers in place for trans athletes, including hormone testing, time since coming out, and legal recognition of gender.

Even Lia Thomas, the University of Pennsylvania swimmer and possibly the most famous trans woman athlete in the world at the moment, was only ranked as the 32nd best female swimmer in Division 1 college swimming during her senior year.

Based on the trailer, it’s not clear if director and star Jeremy Boreing (co-founder of the Daily Wire) has ever written or acted before, or if he has ever met a woman in real life. Every joke falls flat, the trailer mocks women athletes, feminists, Dylan Mulvaney, and indigenous people, it claims that being “trans-age” is a thing, and it just makes very little sense overall.

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, the film also features a cameo from Ted Cruz, Right Wing talking head Matt Walsh playing a queer trans character, and appearances from anti-trans activists like Ben Shapiro and Riley Gaines.

So if watching middle-aged men in bad wigs beating up women and making fun of them is what gets your engine going (as it must for the people at The Daily Wire), check out Lady Ballers on the fourth-tier streaming service Daily Wire+ starting December 1.

Or don’t.