Reese Witherspoon's Advice for Moms Majorly Divides Fans

Reese Witherspoon's Advice for Moms Majorly Divides Fans
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Reese Witherspoon is an actress, entrepreneur, and busy mom of three. Ava and Deacon, her two kids with Ryan Phillippe, are older, but her youngest son (whom she shares with Jim Toth), 10-year-old Tennessee, recently returned to school. The Morning Show star took to Instagram to post an encouraging message for moms during this stressful time, and it certainly got a reaction from her followers.

Reese posted the video from her home wearing jeans and a gingham-trimmed sweater from her Draper James clothing line. She captioned the post, "This one is for all the moms navigating back-to-school season 💖"

Reese's video included this positive message: PSA For Moms as the kids head back to school:

  1. You are doing an AMAZING job.

  2. Things don't have to look Pinterest perfect.

  3. The little, simple moments will be their biggest memories.

  4. Your kids will be absolutely fine, just breathe mama.

She ends the message with an encouraging, "You've got this!"

Fans left more than a thousand comments on the video, which was "liked" more than 82,000 times. Some left words of appreciation like "100% agree on that" and "While I am a dad, not a mom, I still drew comfort from this post."

Others took the opportunity to point out that Reese's lifestyle is much different than her average follower, and that she and her home, in fact, look "Pinterest perfect" in the video.

  • "it is a bit.....tonedeaf coming from her"

  • "Love you girl but this is not realistic!!!"

  • "I love Reese but she could film this in some yoga pants, ponytail and in the school pickup line and it would be more relatable 🤣🤷🏻♀️"

While Reese's delivery may be divisive, her message is something that parents of all kinds can appreciate during this busy season.

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