Naomi Campbell Insists She's Just Like "Any Other Parent"

Well, except the fact that she's a cool mom.

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Naomi Campbell may be one of the most iconic supermodels of our time, but first and foremost, she's a mom. In a new interview with Elle, the super revealed that these days, her two kids are her main priority.

"Things change when you become a mother, and I’m no different from any other parent," she told the publication. "I’ve had to make decisions in my life. Since my daughter started going to school, there have been things I’ve been offered that I’d love to do and would if I could. But I have to be there on the first day my daughter is starting school. That is very important. I have to be there to pick her up. My children come first."

The publication noted that even on the day of their photo shoot, Campbell had a hard out at 3 p.m. for school pickup. Campbell went on to say that her daughter is old enough to understand her job and some of the commitments that come along with it. However, she makes sure to always keep her word with her kids.

"My daughter is really cool. She understands mommy works," Naomi explained. "But, for me, it’s important to be there, especially when I tell her, 'I’m coming to get you.' If I say I’m there, I’m there."

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Campbell even brings her kids when she travels for both work and recreation because the fashion icon wants her son and daughter to experience the world like she did as a kid (her mother was a traveling professional dancer).

"I’ve been able to juggle it and, you know, take my kids with me when I travel," she said. "I want my kids to see the world and get to understand different cultures like my mum did with me."

Elsewhere in the interview, Campbell spoke about being sober (she detailed her struggles with addiction in Apple TV+'s The Super Models) and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle — and that includes prayer and boxing.

"I try to eat well. I’ve been boxing on and off for many years to condition my body. I’m not perfect by any means, but I do what I can," she explained. "[Prayer is] a big thing for me. As you know, I’m in recovery, and I take that very seriously. And no, I don’t miss alcohol in my life. I feel better without it. Anywhere that’s a place of holiness or spirituality, I will pray. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a plane. I will pray wherever and whenever I feel."

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