Libs of TikTok Creator Seems Overjoyed at Report Highlighting Her Dangerous Posts

Libs of TikTok Chaya Raichik USA Today Front Page
Libs of TikTok Chaya Raichik USA Today Front Page

Chaya Raichik, the operator behind Libs of TikTok, has been prominently celebrating her appearance on USA Today's front page. The story? The newspaper documented a pattern of threats and harassment that follow Libs of TikTok social media posts when it targets hospitals, schools, libraries, and even people.

On Monday, Raichik updated her profile picture to one where she is seen holding the newspaper featuring the story with a headline that reads, “When Libs of TikTok posts, threats increasingly follow,” all while seemingly laughing.

This celebration has drawn criticism from journalists and social media users alike.

USA Today reporter Will Carless, who wrote the Libs of TikTok piece, wrote on X: “My story last week was about how @LibsofTikTok tweets have led to harassment, bomb threats & death threats dozens of times. Chaya Raichik told me she condemned any threats. Here’s her post from today,” under which he quoted a post from NBC reporter Ben Collins, showing a screenshot of a Libs of TikTok post from earlier on Monday.

“About as despicable as it gets,” Collins wrote, echoing a sentiment of dismay from those who view Raichik’s celebration as a disregard for the severe consequences that have followed her social media activity, which often targets LGBTQ+ people and at times includes misinformation.

Raichik recently found herself at the center of controversy with the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL had included Raichik and her account in their “Glossary of Extremism,” which prompted a strong reaction from Raichik, who threatened legal action unless her name was removed. She publicly announced her demand on X.

Recently, school systems have reported receiving bomb threats after Libs of TikTok highlighted them to its 2.6 million followers. Last fall, Raichik posted false information about Boston Children’s Hospital, claiming surgeons were performing hysterectomies on children, which was not true. After she posted about it, the hospital received a number of bomb threats.

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The ADL, responding to the potential legal challenge, temporarily removed Raichik’s entry from the glossary. A spokesperson from the ADL confirmed the decision, clarifying that the removal was part of a review process but maintained that any potential litigation would be meritless. They underscored that their reporting and opinions were protected under the constitution, accurately reflecting Raichik’s status as a public figure. The ADL’s chief legal officer, in communication to Raichik, noted that their work was subject to criticism and review but emphasized that the temporary removal did not endorse Raichik’s widely criticized views, which many see as harmful to the LGBTQ+ community.

Raichik celebrated the removal by the ADL on X as a victory, suggesting that the ADL’s original decision was merely political theater and asserting that they knew she was not a violent extremist.

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The concept of stochastic terrorism — a term referring to the public incitement of random acts of violence by individuals who feel justified by widely disseminated ideology or rhetoric — is increasingly relevant in today's political discourse. This model is used to describe the phenomenon where inflammatory content is broadcasted to large audiences, with the understanding that it may inspire some to commit violent acts. Chaya Raichik's Libs of TikTok platform has come under scrutiny for potentially engaging in this type of incitement.

Raichik's Libs of TikTok has been accused of using its extensive reach to disseminate derogatory and incendiary narratives about the LGBTQ+ community, which could contribute to a climate of violence. Security experts highlight the pattern of threats and harassment that have tracked closely with her posts, a hallmark of stochastic terrorism's predictability. The account’s focus on vilifying LGBTQ+ individuals and events, such as Drag Queen Story Hour, and its amplification of narratives framing LGBTQ+ rights as "grooming" or otherwise criminal, have raised alarms.

While Raichik denies responsibility for any violent outcomes, the correlation between her social media activity and subsequent threats suggests a causal relationship understood within the framework of stochastic terrorism, experts say. This indirect incitement operates on the margins of free speech, making it difficult to legislate or regulate without encroaching on First Amendment rights. However, the pattern of violence that seems to follow Raichik’s postings underscores the real-world consequences of such rhetoric.

In response to Raichik’s celebration of making the front page of a major national newspaper for bomb threats that followed her attention, the billionaire owner of X, who often amplifies the Libs of TikTok hate account, simply wrote, “Congratulations” with a laughing emoji.

“Thank you Elon! Huge achievement! And thank you for continuing to protect free speech on this platform,” Libs of TikTok responded.