Letters: Nothing Christian about Trump, and nothing Christ-like about supporting him

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Nothing Christian about Trump

In reading Delta Hixon’s hateful response to Tom Kaiser’s letter, I wasn’t surprised that she failed to answer the basic question he asked. It’s a question that most of us in the real world have been asking for quite some time. How can someone claim to be Christian and then support a man who is everything Mr. Kaiser said he is?

Another question I have is how someone can claim to be Christian and advocate violence upon their fellow men and women? Last year a Santa Rosa School Board candidate expressed her view that certain doctors should be hanged from the nearest tree. Disgustingly, the statement was made in a church and was met with applause. Also, why do y’all keep threatening a civil war if you don’t get your way?

As far as real truth goes, if many of you would watch something other than the “Fake News Network,” you know, the one that had to pay almost a billion dollars to Dominion for lying to their viewers, you might learn some real truth.

That’s why Ms. Hixon has it backwards. With your flagrant, holier than thou hypocrisy, it’s you no one is listening to anymore. As far as being more Christ-like as she once said I should be, if that means supporting a man with the character of Donald Trump, I’ll pass. I’m sure Christ will understand.

Mike Shipp, Pensacola

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Fed up with Biden’s open border

Finally, Americans are speaking up and fed up with Biden’s open borders invitation for Undocumented immigrants to come to America the flood gates are open across the southern border. Democrats cry our country is built on immigration, yes, but through a controlled process that brought my grandparents and others here legally, not this uncontrolled mass that is arriving worldwide every day.

New York City residents finally have had enough and let Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jerry Nadler know how they feel. Biden’s actions have caused this, and his inaction feeds it with no end in sight. Vice President Kamala Harris has been designated to do something and she has deserted her assignment from Biden and is backed by him to let this fester.

Well in simple terms the pimple has popped, and the residents are now speaking up. Joe can you hear them? And to think I have read opinions here in the PNJ blaming the governor of Texas in some fashion or another! Absurd opinions. Open your eyes America, our third world status is rapidly building up. So many problems arising and no vision from this president in sight. Have a nice day you all.

Geno Palladino, Pace

Demise of recycling sad to see

After years of checking for the tiny triangle and number on plastic; after years of washing those wicked mayonnaise and peanut butter containers; after years of separating our miscellaneous paper recyclables from the rest so that no one at the sorting center would have to pick through our waste; after years of taking our plastic bags to Publix to recycle so they won’t gum up the works in local machinery, I’m wondering how I’ll manage to stop the practice without withdrawal symptoms?

The irony is that those people who were too lazy to rinse recyclables, or who could not be bothered to separate their garbage from it, will feel no guilt. They’ll be happy for two garbage collections a week. Under the new system, apparently, we will pay to do the right thing. Let’s hope by then that the market for recyclables grows, and that those who have the contract also do the right thing. In the meantime, Florida communities would profit from state backing.

In 2022, for example, Oregon passed the Plastic Pollution and Recycling Modernization Act that puts more of the responsibility on producers of wasteful packaging.

Patricia Taylor Edmisten, Pensacola

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Insurers should not get sympathy

Time for the insurance companies to cry ‘woe is us’ again. Every time there is some disaster, big or small, the insurers start singing the same old tune, “We don’t have enough money.” Well, the insurers all have high priced actuaries that set premiums according to risk.

We (the insured) are supposed to believe these brilliant actuaries never thought a hurricane would hit Florida. That’s a hard one to swallow. Maybe they need new actuaries.

Insurance companies also cry they are the target of unscrupulous lawyers because they deny fraudulent claims.

Although no fan of lawyers, my own valid claim was denied. In the end, the insurance company was forced to pay but the unspoken reason for the denial was because they could. Some of the insured will take a low ball offer rather than fight. Others, not having the money to fight, just give up. Only a few are willing to go the distance which works out to be cheaper for the insurer than paying claims.

Certainly, there are two sides to every story, but the age-old adage remains unchanged, “Insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums not paying claims.”

Bill Meyers, Pensacola

Biden gets blame, no credit

I think President Biden is not getting enough credit for the good stuff he does and too much blame for things largely beyond his control. In our highly polarized political environment, it seems that one side is against Biden no matter what his administration does.

Many challenges face our country. There will be successes and some hard knocks whoever is president. In our polarized time, no good news can be allowed by the opposing party. Gas prices go up – it’s Biden’s fault. Maybe Saudi Arabia or a hurricane had something to do with it. Unemployment is low, overall inflation comes down some – no credit given.

Biden’s administration seems quite competent, and steady progress is happening on national and international issues. Times are not that bad. Some credit is due. I would wish for a time when America works more as a team, supporting its leadership toward common goals, even when not in total agreement with all policies. Maybe someday.

Roger Villines, Pensacola

Free physicians from politics

When the current Supreme Court voted to overturn the Roe vs. Wade decision, it negated 50 years of settled law. Then a federal judge in Texas decided that the abortion drug, being safely used around the world, and in the US, hadn’t been approved correctly by the FDA (after 20 years of safe use), and should be withdrawn from the market.

It begins to appear that the main thrust of these and other measures by various state legislatures is not done in the best interests or wishes of the electorate, but as a means of controlling half of the population – women. Abortion care is part of female medical care, provided by licensed medical professionals to save lives and the reproductive health of their patients.

This view is now supported by almost all countries – including the many overly Catholic religious areas of Latin America, Europe and Asia. It is time in America that medical professionals were free of the obtrusive reach of pandering politicians.

Rhoda Zweigbaum, Navarre

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