Letters: Gun violence good for business and Congress

Handguns pictured at Wexler's Wex Gunworks in Delray Beach.
Handguns pictured at Wexler's Wex Gunworks in Delray Beach.

Gun violence good for business and Congress

As long as we allow the NRA and gun lobby to finance members of Congress, we will never see the end to angels and heroes being slaughtered. These people in Congress who are supposed to safeguard us from terror care more about their pocketbooks than they do about the people that sent them to Washington.

When more than three-quarters of the country wants meaningful weapon legislation and members of Congress ignore them so they can continue to line their pockets, we will continue to have slaughters of children and those who try to protect them. We can’t pass needed laws but can get rid of those who won’t. Our vote is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. If a member of Congress can only send thoughts and prayers, send him packing. Let’s fill Congress with people who work in our favor, not the ones we have now, who are only concerned with their own self interest.

Bernie Fox, Boynton Beach

Radical Democratic trend troubling

While I have very little respect for the Democrats in Congress, Eliot Engel was the Democrat in the House of Representatives whom I respected the most. While he was very liberal on social and economic issues, he was consistently pro-Israel.

For that reason, I believe Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, two left-wing  democratic socialists, supported Jamaal Bowman, Engel's opponent, in the Democratic Party primary. Congressman Bowman has already shown his hostility to Israel.

Engel’s loss revealed several trends. The power of the radicals in the Democratic Party is significant. Being anti-Israel is beneficial in getting ahead in the Democratic Party. Sad to say the future of many Democrats in the Congress looks to be more hostile to Israel.

President Reagan once said “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.” It seems this view is being shared by more and more people who voted for the Democrats in the past and now feel such radicalism and hatred of Israel is not for them. This is a good time for both Eliot Engel and the people who voted for him to move over to the Republican Party.

Charles Winfield, Boca Raton

Quick action needed by police

Regarding the Post’s criticism of the quick police action at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts. I understand that the man killed by police had jumped the curb with his car and aimed for and crashed into the security  fence around the school. He then ran around the grounds for a few seconds and into the building. Certainly erratic behavior.

He was located and confronted by police who shot him instantly. Said police are now being criticized and questioned for their quick response to the intruder. I ask you: Should the police have waited until they heard gunshots? or an explosion? or waited for back-up? As a parent and a citizen, I am in favor of the fastest response possible.

Joyce Mauney, Delray Beach 

FOR SUBSCRIBERS: Suspect shot to death by police in Dreyfoos school incident was a Dreyfoos graduate

This article originally appeared on Palm Beach Post: Let's face facts: Gun violence is good for business and Congress