Letters to the editor for Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Assault on women’s rights

When women go to the polls  in November, we need to vote to protect our rights.  Included in these rights are reproductive rights — the right to health care and the right over control of our bodies. Think before voting for members of today’s Republican Party who are leading a daily assault on women’s rights.

Fathers and brothers vote to protect your wives and daughters rights in November.  Unfortunately Trump, DeSantis and today’s Republican Party are attacking  women’s rights across the country:  in Florida with an unrealistic six-week abortion bill and in Arizona with a 1864 law which was in place before Arizona was a state and women had the right to vote!

If women's reproductive rights are under attack by Republicans today, what other rights will Trump and DeSantis and Republican congressmen and  senators try to take away tomorrow?

JoAnn Stehr, Sanibel

Send message to Trump, allies

Excuse me, women of Florida, can I have a minute? I'll be quick. In a few months, you'll be going to the polls, and the decision you make will resonate throughout our state and the nation at large. Let's for the moment set aside traditional discussions of ideology and policy and focus on a simple, basic question: Do you think you and your concerns matter every bit as much as the men of Florida and theirs? Donald Trump does not.Listen to the man. Look at the things he has done. He does not respect you as equivalently relevant human beings.He thinks he matters more than you. It's all on the record; you can look it up. My daughter once gave me a T-shirt that said, "Men of quality don't fear equality." Donald Trump is not a man of quality, and voting to give him nearly unlimited power in November will not change him for the better.In the coming election, you women of Florida will have the opportunity to send a clear message to Trump and others of his ilk: They do not matter more than you because they are male. It's a simple thing − and it matters.

Geremy Spampinato. Naples

Change the legislators

I'm afraid that even if voters approve the abortion amendment the Legislature will connive to prevent its enactment. We really need to change the legislators.

Ro Jones, Isles of Capri

Holocaust relevant now

I applaud the Naples Daily News for prominently publishing the article by Kelly Lawler of USA TODAY that brings an important context to the resurgence of movies and TV shows about the Holocaust. As Lawler writes under the headline “Why Holocaust WWII dramas are more important than ever,” many of the newer offerings show a expanded vantage point – that of displaced Jewish people, not just the perspective of the villains (Nazis and collaborators) and the victims in concentration camps. With the rise in nationalism, isolationism, fundamentalism and antisemitism in the U.S. and worldwide – and the restrictions in our schools on teaching meaningfully about difficult subjects like the Holocaust and slavery – it’s critical to give context to what “Zone of Interest” director Jonathan Glazer said in his Oscar acceptance speech: Don’t just “say ‘Look at what they did then’ but rather “Look at what we do now.’ “

Vicky Bowles, Fort Myers

Trump's election claims

So, after almost four years, the self-proclaimed smartest man in the universe still claims the election was stolen from him, but he can’t figure out how.  All we get from this evil genius is whine, whine, whine, whine!  If he’s so smart, why didn’t he prevent it from happening in the first place?!  His lack of verifiable evidence, to support his claim, along with his storied history of fabrication and conspiracy theories lead me to conclude that there was no stolen election.  Fortunately for him, but unfortunately for the less gullible and naive among us, his fabrications and whining will continue to resonate with the most gullible and naive among us.

So, where do we go from here?  Another election loss to another rigged election?  Or, is this evil genius up to something?  Maybe he has figured out how the election was stolen and is keeping it top secret along with plans to use the same technique to steal it back. Could all those boxes marked “Top Secret” he kept next to the crapper be such plans?

If he wins the upcoming election, we will have our answer!  Other than his diehard supporters, who else would vote for this repugnant humanoid?  And fortunately, it will take more votes than they can provide to ensure victory − hopefully!

Jay Custa, Estero

Worrisome proposals

As a curious voter, I downloaded Project 2025 and I read several pages every day. The project is a collection ofpolicy proposals. The plan proposes that the (Republican) president of the U.S. should have absolute power over the executive branch and all branches of government should be replaced by conservatives.I do not want to live under a dictator and his loyal subjects in 2025.I want my freedom to vote, to love freely, to publish my opinions, to learn history from books in the library, to collect my earned Social Security, to improve the environment and to have women's health care without government interference,I have read that King George III went mad and still governed after the loss of the American colonies, I am worried that there would be dictator madness in the country and chaos in the government, the courts and here in my neighborhood.I'm worried.Kathleen Callard, RNBS, North Fort Myers

Trump and 'states' rights'

A week before former President Trump lauded “states’ rights” as support of his position that  each state devise  its own abortion laws, our state Supreme Court issued its ruling validating  a six-week ban. A day after he expressed his “states’ rights” view, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld the 160-year-old territorial criminal  law forbidding  all abortions, except to save the life of the mother.

The ex-president has termed the former, the Florida ban, “a terrible mistake” that  “probably is going to   change.” He agreed with a statement that the latter, the Arizona prohibition, “went too far,”  and he is relying on the governor of that state, a Democrat, for the dilemma to be “straightened out.”

The implosion within a 10-day period  of women’s reproductive rights prompts the question: How’s that states’ rights arrangement going, Mr. ex-President?

Marshall H. Tanick, Naples

No second term for Biden

With the tyrannical government of Iran now threatening retaliation against either Israel, The United States or both, has it occurred to Biden and his band of incompetent government officials that giving Iran 6 billion dollars was a colossal mistake. The thinking was that this money was to be used for humanitarian purposes only. What a laugh. How naïve is Blinken and his semi-aware president? Our country is now at risk of being shot with our own (proverbial) bullet.The rulers of Iran said outright that they would spend the money as they chose not as to how they agreed with Biden’s negotiators. They have already supported the Houthis attacks on U.S. ships and bases and have killed American service members. Whose money paid for the rockets and drones? Biden cannot be allowed a second term. To do so would be the end of the America we know.Where have you gone John Kerry? Hopefully far, far away.

Michael Zubrow, Naples

Biden and Netanyahu

Joe Biden is attempting to tell Benjamin Netanyahu how to conduct the war in Israel. When the border of the United of America is open to  everyone.Does this make sense?Nils Graham, Fort Myers

Not helpful

The most feared words in the English language: We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

John Mallen, Marco Island

We need migrant workers

Dictator Donald Trump ordered the Republican cowards in the House to reject the bipartisan border bill because he didn’t want President Biden to get any credit.  The first Trump administration was heartless, as its policy separated some 5,000 couples from their dear children, about 1,000 were never reunited.

Most were put in cages, with only a blanket.  Trump has just called immigrants at the border animals, criminals and drug dealers.  Trump has no heart or soul.

In my viewing of these people at the border they seem to be mostly young couples with small children, well dressed and nice looking people from several South American countries; 99 percent are none of the things Trump has called them, they are not drug dealers.  Can you see the drug cartels wading across the Rio Grande? Hardly.  U.S. citizens were 86,3 percent of convicted people selling the drug “Fentanyl.”  The real problem seems to be Americans' appetite for drugs.

Businesses across the country are calling for President Biden to grant a pathway for undocumented essential workers' legal protection.  The National Assoc. of Home Builders state they could not survive without migrant workers. Since 2020, immigrants make up 83 percent of American growth per: “Moody” — the Bureau of Labor statistics.  The “nonpartisan” Congressional Budget office projects the economy growth in the next decade will grow by 7 trillion , because of the influx of migrants. We may need them, more than they need America.

E.L. “Bud”  Ruff, Naples

How to reduce deficit

Everyone knows that Biden has put our deficit out of sight with his insane spending. Everyone also knows that our borders are wide open under Biden’s open border policy with thousands of illegal immigrants entering our country weekly.

So I have a plan to help reduce the deficit.  I propose that Biden fires all immigration and customs folk at our international airports and shipping ports, saving tens of millions, and just let everyone arriving in the USA from foreign countries, by plane or ship, just stroll on in.  Just like they do at our open borders.

Michael Adler, Miromar Lakes

Israel and Hamas

The Biden administration is under pressure to conduct a review by the State Department’s legal office as to whether Israel’s actions in Gaza have breached international law which could lead to a ban of U.S. arm shipments to Israel. What about Hamas’ actions on October 7? Was that not a breach of international law? Was that not a crime against all humanity?Now Hamas is saying that they cannot locate all of their Oct. 7 hostages. Have they been forgotten? Where is the international outcry for the victims of Hamas’ hideous attack on innocent concert goers? The Red Cross has not been allowed to see or inspect the hostages. What is the international community doing to help them? And is the international community calling on Hamas to limit their crimes and to stop Iran from supplying them with weaponry? Something's wrong here.

Sheila Zubrow, Naples

Lead by example

Early into my early childhood education career, I would abide by that saying “do as I say,” and that was the way my parents raised me. Well thankfully, as I was attending certification courses and required trainings, I learned that is vital to lead by example and make sure that I am role modeling what is expected from my students and my own children.Throughout my career journey, I have had the pleasure of serving as a kid’s ministry teacher and youth leader in my church, and work in an elementary school. Which, has given me the opportunity to experience firsthand, the ways that matching or not matching our words with actions have an impact in students.We can make or break our students and/or children, if we tend to expect from our students/children something that we as adults or parents are not willing to role model or do, would it be fair to scold them when they don’t do what’s expected from them, when we don’t lead by example? NO − it wouldn’t be, and that is why they begin to lose interest and/or respect in the person we are designed to be when we are with them, whether in the classroom or home setting.It is important to lead our children by role modeling and being that example to follow, making sure that our words and actions meet, it’s like saying “I love you” yet, mistreating a person!

Iris Acosta, Naples

Israel needs us now

Many groups in our country are pro-Palestine and are accusing Israel of genocide. One group even encouraged Death to America. Anyone with a heart feels sorrow for the loss of life in Gaza, but where is the support for Israel, our only ally in the Middle East? Israel is surrounded by countries who want to wipe it off the map. The Palestinians hate Israel and chose Hamas as their leader. Hamas is a terrorist organization and has taken money intended for the people and Gaza infrastructure and used it to build tunnels and purchase weapons for their military. Hamas cares nothing for the Palestinians and hide themselves where the hospitals and people are. They murdered 1,200 Israelis in cold blood and captured 250 more, many of whom are dead, on October 7, and yet no one is calling that genocide or blaming Hamas for starting the war, which is responsible for the deaths of so many Palestinians and the destruction of Gaza. Other countries around Israel are aiding Hamas by sending weapons and bombing parts of Israel themselves. How can we have forgotten the Holocaust where 6 million innocent Jewish people and others were killed? People vowed to never forget the hatred and intolerance that caused so much death, and yet it seems many Americans have. Israel needs us now more than ever.

Susan Meyer, Naples

Christian support for Israel

Under the guise of advocating for Palestinian Christians, Tucker Carlson launched a two-pronged assault on Israel and American political and Christian support for the Jewish State. To provide legitimacy for his campaign, he enlisted the help of Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem and notorious propagandist for the Palestinian anti-Israel narrative. Carlson’s interview with Isaac aired on X April 9, 2024.Munther Isaac has a long history of promoting falsehoods about Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict in his roles as pastor, academic dean of Bethlehem Bible College (a self-identified Evangelical university that promotes a Palestinian Christian theology), and director of Christ at the Checkpoint conferences (the infamous venue where anti-Israel libels are proclaimed in the name of Christian love, justice and peace).

For many years, CAMERA (the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis) has exposed the deceptiveness in Isaac’s teaching, as well as the fallacious theological and historical foundation of the narrative promoted by Bethlehem Bible College and Christ at the Checkpoint. In light of the blatantly anti-Jewish activism of Isaac and these institutions, it is appalling that Carlson would provide a platform for such thinly veiled hatred.Carlson’s conversation with Isaac promoted multiple false claims including the alleged treatment of Christians by Israel, the cause of the significantly diminished Christian population of Bethlehem, and reasons behind the current suffering of Gazan civilians. The obvious agenda behind Carlson’s line of questions and Isaac’s libelous answers was the demonization of Israel and all elected officials and Christians who dare to support the Jewish State.Thanks to Carlson, anti-Israel Christian Palestinians have found a new outlet through which to propagate their deceptive propaganda, rooted in theological, historical and geo-political error. It is irresponsible, and in fact dangerous, for Carlson to facilitate the presentation of blatant lies and antisemitic libels when there is an unprecedented rise in Jew-hatred worldwide and Israel is in the midst of an existential war initiated by terrorists who seek its annihilation.The bottom line is this: Tucker Carlson’s interview with Munther Isaac was, among other things, a manipulative attempt to shame American officials and Christian leaders – Evangelicals in particular – for their support of Israel in the hope of turning that support away from the Jewish State when it is needed now more than ever.Tricia Miller, Ph.D., director of CAMERA's Naples Partnership of Christians and Jews

This article originally appeared on Fort Myers News-Press: Letters to the editor for Saturday, April 13, 2024