Letters to the editor on climate change, condemn Sen. Charles Perry on Paxton impeachment

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Letter: Conservatives, liberals should join on climate change solutions

Signs of climate change are multiplying. Summer 2023 has been the second hottest on record for Texas. Climate change promotes wildfires: higher temperatures lead to warmer air, drier underbrush, and lengthening wildfire season. Climate change is implicated in rapid intensification of hurricanes, like this year’s Ian, over a warming ocean. Lawmakers, Republican and Democrat alike, can feel free to admit these dramatic differences without betraying either conservative principles or the welfare of their constituents. “Commitment to the environment and the economy,” writes Susan Atkinson in the Colorado Sun, “can coexist.” Her conservative economist friend cites the “carbon fee and dividend” idea, which puts a price on carbon at its source and returns the revenue to citizens. This proposal “does not grow the size of government, is not regulatory based, and uses the power of the free market to increase growth and innovation while reducing carbon emissions quickly and effectively.” In other words, there are solutions that are quite compatible with conservative principles. By bringing conservatives and liberals on board together, we can speed the pace of progress to solution of the climate challenge confronting us. It’s a challenge that we cannot imagine away. - Edward V. George, secretary, Lubbock Chapter, Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Letter: Calling out Charles Perry on Paxton impeachment acquittal

Shame on State Sen. Charles Perry. If you haven't heard, our Lubbock-area state senator voted 16 times to acquit Texas Attorney Gen. Ken Paxton from all impeachment charges for his alleged crimes in office.

However, we can be proud of the other two members of our local Legislative Team, State Reps. Dustin Burrows and Carl Tepper, who DID vote earlier to impeach Paxton.

Now Trump has bragged how he helped Paxton be acquitted for his misconduct. No surprise here, folks!

After all, compared to Trump's 91 criminal indictments, Paxton's actions look like child's play.

My question for all of us decent citizens is: What has happened to the GOP, known once for being the political party of "Law and Order?" When you have Perry & Trump representing us, two bad "Peas in the Same P.O.D." (Problems of Democracy), we are in deep trouble! - Bill Felton, Lubbock County GOP Precinct 111 Chair

This article originally appeared on Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Letters to the editor on climate change, condemn Perry on Paxton votes