LETTER: What are Republicans for? Here's a list

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor

Editor, Register-Mail: During a rare presidential press conference, Biden asked "Just what are Republicans for? Name one thing!"

OK! Here goes: Republicans are for controlling the borders, energy independence, less inflation, appropriate consequences for crime, lower taxes, states rights, election integrity which includes voter identification, the Second Amendment, social and fiscal conservatism, free markets, fair trade, less regulation that stymies businesses, capitalism rather than socialism, school choice, parents in control of what their children are taught, restrictions on unreasonable union demands, reducing the national debt, less government spending, a return to traditional values, a strong military, return of U.S. corporations to our soil, restricting abortion, preventing illegal immigration by building a wall on southern border, right to work laws, controlling judicial activism, following the U.S. Constitution, upholding the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech and press, true separation of powers, a president who is less confused and is not 'missing-in-action;' he spends 25% of his time in Delaware), and who is totally competent. The list could go on but most people will get the gist. This list covers things that most liberal Democrats are not for! The Dems are for an unconstitutional power grab with their Voting Rights Act that would federalize elections in their favor.

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Side note: No voter fraud in 2020 elections? There have been tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots exposed in several states and the fellow-traveling media will not cover them. There have been precincts where there were more votes cast than registered voters. Biden said that more people voted in the 2020 election than ever before yet he claims there is voter suppression. How can that make sense? Would you believe more dead people also voted?

Side note: The Jan. 6 congressional investigations are a continuation of impeaching Trump's legacy and his reasonable policies. They will do their utmost to prevent him from regaining the White House. — Thomas Mosher, Victoria

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