Letter to the Editor: Voting rights measure would ensure greater fraud in multiple ways

Voting rights measure would ensure greater fraud

Democrat President Jimmy Carter felt the integrity of our elections were important and co-chaired a bipartisan commission on Federal Election Reform with Republican James A. Baker III, to recommend common sense measures to protect against voter fraud.

The article, “Yost Sued on Voting Rights Measure,” in the Times Recorder on Feb. 7 describes an attempt to put on the ballot a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution titled Ohio Voters Bill of Rights, that should be properly labeled as Amendment to Assure Rampant Voter Fraud since it attacks common sense measures suggested by President Carter’s commission. This proposed amendment increases the risk of voter fraud focuses on the following:

  1. Elimination of voter photo identification: This measure increases the risk that a person other than the voter will vote his or hers ballot. The actual voter may go to vote and be told, “our records show you already voted (since someone else voted the ballot).”

  1. Expand ballot drop boxes: As a result, we would have no idea if the actual voter or someone else voted the ballot. President Carter’s commission said, “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” The commission also suggested states should not allow others (other than family) to pick up and deliver absentee ballots. This measure allows massive ballot harvesting fraud.

  1. Automatic voter registration: A prospective voter could not be properly vetted due to lack of time.

Our Republic requires honest elections so why are persons trying to sabotage the integrity of Ohio’s elections?

Gary Woodburn, Zanesville

This article originally appeared on Zanesville Times Recorder: Voting rights measure would bring about greater fraud