Letter: Concerned about violence in Israel-Palestine? Let’s look in our collective mirror

We at Kairos West Michigan add our voice to the chorus of individuals and organizations condemning Hamas’ violent attack on Israel and proclaiming that violence has not, does not, and will not bring equal human rights for all the peoples of Israel-Palestine. (Churches for Middle East Peace, Jewish Voice for Peace, Amnesty International, Breaking the Silence, B’Tselem, Indiana Center for Middle East Peace…)

We also continue to call out both the State of Israel and the United States government for the extent they have ignored the humanitarian pleas for just and equitable treatment of all peoples in Israel-Palestine. As Americans we bear significant responsibility for the violence plaguing Israel and Palestine. We have allowed and supported the State of Israel to expand its policies of settler colonialism and apartheid, and its continuous oppressive occupation of Palestinian territory. These are the core issues preventing a just peace.

Oppression begets violence, and vice-versa. Therefore, unless the parties, including the United States, address the core issues preventing equal human rights for all, the atrocities of this past weekend will be only a precursor to worse violence to come, including the possibility of wider regional involvement. We strongly encourage all parties to immediately cease hostile acts and begin to seriously address these core issues.

Bart Den Boer

Kairos West Michigan

This article originally appeared on The Holland Sentinel: Letter: Concerned about violence in Israel-Palestine?