Texas campaign unleashes bizarre attack ad set to 'Let It Go'

Dylan Stableford, Yahoo News
Yahoo News
Texas campaign unleashes bizarre attack ad set to 'Let It Go'

In what some observers say may be the weirdest, if not worst, political attack ad ever, Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst's campaign released a parody of "Let It Go" from Disney's movie "Frozen" that accuses his opponent, state Sen. Dan Patrick, of keeping secrets from voters.

The 90-second video features an image of a shirtless, singing Patrick having his chest painted against a snow-capped mountain backdrop. The ad, entitled “The Ballad of Dannie Goeb,” mocks Patrick's career as a sportscaster and radio host.

“Won’t let them in, won’t let them see that I’m a phony disc jockey,” the ad states. “I’ll try to lie, why should they know? Well now they know.”

Patrick was born Dannie Goeb and legally changed his name in 2003.

“I changed my name to cover my past, to cover my bankruptcy,” the ad continues. “Now the voters know my secrets, they know I had unpaid tax liens.”

Patrick is challenging incumbent Dewhurst for the lieutenant governorship in the May 27 runoff election. Recent polls show Dewhurst trailing Patrick by as much as 20 points, according to KERA-TV.

"These desperate attempts to distract voters from the issues will not work," Patrick campaign manager Logan Spence told Yahoo News. "That is why we are focused on Dewhurst's failure to secure the border, provide long-term property tax relief and resist the intrusion of the federal government."

So far, reaction to Dewhurst's "Frozen" parody has been overwhelmingly negative.

"A political ad so bad you’ll be glad it’s only 90 seconds long," the Raw Story said.

"Is this ... the worst political ad of all time?" BuzzFeed asked.

The Patrick campaign even responded by posting animated "Frozen" GIFs to DewFeed.com, a website that resembles BuzzFeed.

Last week, Dewhurst released a different attack ad accusing Patrick of "hiding assets from creditors ... and stiffing them for $800,000." The ad included an image of Patrick bare-chested with a tie dangling from his neck. The image was taken from a 2010 fundraiser for disabled children.

"I was auctioning off the shirt off my back, literally, as part of the live auction," Patrick explained in a Facebook post. "For David Dewhurst to use a photo from a charity event for disabled children, and pervert the use of that photo to attack me in his continued negative campaign is about as low as you can go."

Dewhurst later apologized for using the image, but not for his negative campaign.

“All we’re doing is we’re quoting things he’s said, things he’s done, from newspapers, from TV shows,” Dewhurst told KERA. "Because if we’re both real conservative and we both agree with each other on policy 98 percent of the time, then it’s a question of who has the character and the ability and the vision to lead this state forward over the next four years. And I submit, on the facts, it’s me."

Watch the full, 90-second spot below: