Let 'Er Rip! Al Roker 'Pooped In My Pants' Remix

Annie Colbert
January 10, 2013

Dougie, make room on the dancefloor for the Dookie Dance.

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Al Roker's confession that he pooped his pants at the White House following gastric bypass surgery had the Internet talking a lot of crap this week. The Today weatherman shared his story on Dateline NBC, bluntly telling correspondent Nancy Snyderman "I pooped my pants."

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And when there's a mention of poop, a flood of Internet jokes, videos and memes will follow. Seriously, no amount of Imodium could stop it.

YouTube user Andrew Frederick flushes out a beat to the potty humor with "I Pooped in my Pants (The Dookie Dance)." It will certainly make a splash on the Internet. (Sorry.)

1. Al Roker Frozen on Today Show

After a comment from Savannah Guthrie about the old Catholic school adage that one should leave "enough space for the holy ghost to pass through" while dancing, Mr. Roker simply freezes and holds his facial expression. It's pretty bizarre and has sparked a lot of controversy on Reddit.

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Image courtesy of Flickr, nostri-imago

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