Leonard Nimoy Passes at 83

Leonard Nimoy, the actor most known for his role as Spock on the Star Trek television series and movie franchise, passed away this morning at his home in Los Angeles. The actor was 83 years old.

Susan Bay Nimoy, the actor's wife, confirmed his passing saying it was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which he was hospitalized for earlier in the week. Nimoy announced he had the disease last year.

Nimoy embraced his fans that came from the fame of playing the Vulcan Spock on the late 60s series Star Trek and was not shy from speaking at conventions around the country and quoting Spock telling fans to "live long and prosper." He appeared on many television shows and even did voice work for video games like Civilization IV, but one of Nimoy's most memorable appearances was when he was on The Simpsons, where he casually poked fun of himself.

Nimoy was adored by his fans and he adored them right back. While it's incredibly upsetting to lose such a wonderful person and actor, it's best to take a moment to remember the good times and the reasons why we found Nimoy to be an exceptionally wonderful person.

One thing Nimoy will most be remembered for is "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins," which was filmed in 1967 and appeared on the variety show Malibu U. Enjoy Nimoy singing about one of the most famous hobbits across the land, Bilbo Baggins.

Our thoughts are with Nimoy's family during this tough time. We'll leave you with a Tweet from Nimoy, which is beautiful for this moment, on February 23rd.

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