Lenovo plans to inch further away from Windows this year

Brad Reed
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Lenovo may have been one of the few winners of the great 2013 PC sales crash but that doesn’t mean the company is blind to the writing on the wall, which is why it’s put more of its resources lately into developing Android smartphones. And now CNET reports that Lenovo is planning to aggressively expand its Chromebook lineup this year by launching several new low-cost Chrome OS laptops this summer. 

Jay Parker, the president for Lenovo’s North American operations, explained that the company believes “Chromebooks can be very impactful in the market really quickly” and that “we believe the market will accelerate greatly in the next 12 months.” Chromebooks have largely not made much of a dent in the consumer market so far but it looks like more institutions such as schools now view them as viable low-cost, low-maintenance alternatives to Windows-based PCs.

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