Len Goodman Shares His Views On Kirstie Alley's Mirrorball Chances, Regis Philbin's 'Dancing' Opportunity

Access Hollywood
Len Goodman from "Dancing with the Stars" brings his points paddle to Access Hollywood Live, May 12, 2011 -- Access Hollywood

"Dancing with the Stars" is inching ever closer to its Season 12 finale, but beyond the dramatics of Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, a highlight of this season has been judge Len Goodman and his continually sassy comments from behind the judges' table.

The British judge hit the set of Access Hollywood Live on Thursday where he shared with hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover his verdict on Kirstie's chances for mirroball glory and what he thinks of Regis Philbin being asked to compete on the show at 79.

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Here's what he had to say:

On how Kirstie Alley has won him over: "She somehow doesn't give a hoot about it. She practices as much as she can and then she just comes out and gives it a go. If she falls over, if a shoe falls off [she keeps going], and I think that's a great attitude. Obviously, she is trying, but she's not sort of gone cranky about trying. She just, 'This is what you get, if it's good enough? Good! And if not, too bad.'"

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On whether Kirstie can go all the way: "I think she can. She came out last week and she did two really good dances. They were both pretty good, right up there. I'm not saying it was a 10, but it was close to it, because I would imagine she's got a huge fan base, which, you know, you need. So yeah! Why not?"

On Maks' spats with Kirstie over not eating: "The thing is, 'Dancing with the Stars' is grueling... You work really hard and if you're not strong and if you've not got that strength in you, then you're gonna fall over and I think that's what Maks is concerned about, that she doesn't eat and that energy."

On Kit's suggestion that Billy Bush should compete on "Dancing": "I have told you this before, Billy. You're a natural... You've got a natural hip action that is alluring, both to girls and guys... You've got a rhythm about you. You've got that boyish grin that is loved by many, and we'd fix you up with one of those girls, maybe Chelsie [Hightower]..."

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On Regis Philbin's revelation he's being courted for "DWTS": "Kelly's [Ripa] a good idea (laughs)... He has got rhythm and I think it would be a sort of Buzz Aldrin moment really and [he's] a little bit too old really, but it'd be good fun to watch."

The final four return to compete on Monday's "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC.

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